Reimbursement is key in the long term care industry, whether it is your daily rates, staffing enhancement programs, or Medicare Bad Debts. Our expertise allows us to maximize reimbursement and minimize recoupments.

We specialize in the Texas Rate Enhancement program that was created to enhance staffing in nursing facilities. Some preparers charge extra to test facilities, but our firm believes this is part of preparing your Medicaid Cost report. Some providers wish to test the Staffing & Spending components more frequently than their annual cost reports in order to monitor and forecast their performance. We offer quarterly testing to help providers estimate their performance so that they can make spending/staffing adjustments throughout the year.  In addition, we can assist during Open Enrollment with requesting additional levels, testing facilities with limitations, and preparing any Request For Revisions Reports.

Reimbursement is crucial within the Long Term Care industry. Let us help you maximize your reimbursement whether it is cost reporting, Medicare bad debt, Rate Enhancement, or any other Quality of Care programs.